By , August 9, 2013
Eric Wilcox

To all GCII enthusiasts,

Today is my last day at GCII so I thought I would give one final blog post. Most of the shelving racks that I designed have been fabricated, built and stood as of today. The only remaining shelving units to be made are ones designed specifically for our crates used to hold brackets for job sites (batter straps, ledger clips, etc.). Once the shelves are completed there will be over 150 spaces for crates & pallets! Talk about a dramatic increase in storage capacity!

The past couple days I’ve been assisting Dan with a top secret project that GCII has been working on for a major amusement park. I can’t really share any details but be on the lookout for an announcement from GCII in the coming months!

My seven and half months here at GCII have been really exciting and I’ve learned so much about the amusement & roller coaster industry. Since I’ve already wrote a “farewell” blog earlier,  I’ll focus on some tips for those interested in getting involved in the industry. First, watch GCII’s Facebook for when the next FREDxGCII event will be held.  It’s a great event to not only network with GCII but to meet individuals who are equally as interested in the industry. Next, if you are able, I highly recommend traveling to the IAAPA trade show down in Orlando, FL. All of the ride manufacturers will be present there and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet industry leaders and network. You never know, you could find a company looking for an intern or even wishing to fill a full-time position.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to never give up on your dream of being a part of the industry. Always keep your options open and be persistent. The industry is a very specialized field and it can take time to obtain a career in this industry but it is a very rewarding one.

With my internship at GCII at an end, I’m looking forward to my next adventure in the amusement industry. I recently accepted an offer to work in maintenance at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. I’ll be working on Wildfire, the B&M sit-down looper I’m super excited about my new job, and all the new parks I’ll be able to visit out in the Midwest!

This is Eric Wilcox, signing off!

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