By , January 7, 2008
Evan Souliere

And so it begins.

I started in the Cincinnati office today, more-or-less picking up where Adam left off (his last day was this past Friday). My first task was to study the Renegade manual to familiarize myself with all aspects of our rides. (Needless to say, I was able to skip the sections on the trains.) Jeff quizzed me afterward just to make sure I read enough. I passed.

I then got right into working on some more useful things. Around the office (and, by that, I mean the three of us in there), work is revolving around Evel Knievel and Great America’s 2009 project, so it was interesting to see what stage each is in.

Already I am starting to see how different this job will be compared to last year when Adam and I began. On my first day last year, I was constructing gear hub assemblies for the lapbar release mechanisms on the trains and today I was at a desk with AutoCAD and Excel open on my computer. I’ve also yet to find a can of grease in the office, so maybe I’ll save some money on laundry this time around.

Stay¬†tuned. Even though I won’t exactly be updating with the progress of the trains (which I know kept people coming back for more), I’ll find a way to make sure this blog continues to entertain.

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