By , March 31, 2014
Manny Esteves

So Viper is finally starting to gain momentum. We’ve got our first container prepped to send out and the first train’s worth of chassis are ready for yours truly. I started out with taking the guide wheels from my first day and installing them into the weldments. Dan was actually telling me how some parks order the weldments with the wheels inside as opposed to just the wheels so that park maintenance can swap them out quickly if a problem occurs and minimize the delay for riders. After the weldments were assembled, I got my first chance to work on these trains. It’s amazing how simple sets of hardware can determine which coach serves which purpose and how interchangeable each part of a coaster is.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.58.04 PM  

While this is going on, we’ve still got park orders coming in and a lot of our guys are putting the finishing touches on the repair jobs around the world. In addition to that, the staff from the Kentucky branch has been keeping in touch with me to make sure everything’s going well. I know it doesn’t have much to do with the building of coasters, but I figured it was important nonetheless. Also, here’s another piece of trivia, Great Coasters International has been involved in some capacity on over a quarter of the world’s current wooden coasters. From retracking, to Millennium Flyers, to rides we’ve built, I think it’s fair to say our company is pretty… great! Haha sorry for the bad pun, check out my next post where I’ll be giving you more details on Viper.

Lesson 5: It’s all about quality, precision and making something you’re proud of here.

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