By , March 31, 2014
Manny Esteves

Viper is now in full swing! The rest of the chassis have arrived and I’m starting to see all the tasks I’ve been working on become more essential to the project. From the guide wheels I made on my first day, to the gear hub weldments I finished making a couple of weeks ago it’s becoming apparent where everything fits into the grand scheme of things for this ride. We’ve got the first 3 containers of hardware and construction supplies ready to ship out, but the logistics behind getting everything sent out is going to take some more patience. We also have to hold off on setting up six of the cars so that the inspectors hired by the client can have a good look at the structure of the Millennium Flyer.

The park Viper is going to wants to be very thorough throughout the process, so we want to make sure that we’re providing them with as smooth an experience as their guests will when the ride officially opens in 2015. I find it hard to believe on certain days how much work has already gone into these trains and we’ve still got a lot ahead of us. I’ve included some pictures showing a bunch of things ranging from the hardware we’re sending out to the aspects of the trains I’ve been working on, feel free to check them out.

Also, I figured I’d include some fun facts about Viper. It’s going to be our biggest project yet, as it’s just short of being a mile long (and if you’ve seen the video from my first blog, you can see that the momentum carried on the coaster could easily allow it to go past a mile), and 160 feet high. Our tallest and longest wooden coaster to date and it will feature a top speed of 62.1 miles per hour, giving us the trifecta of personal bests. Upon the initial conceptualization and design, Great Coasters wanted to utilize the landscape of Nanchang to help shape the ride. Okay, I know you could’ve Googled all of that info so here’s some inside scoop found only on THIS blog; the trains of the ride are going to feature 3-D scales to really accentuate the snake theme behind the coaster. It’s definitely going to be interesting to add this type of artistic element to a ride that already has so much going on. Til next time guys!

Lesson 6: There are way more hoops to jump through for an international park.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.03.50 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.04.32 AM

Gear hub weldments with hardware installed

Gear hub weldments before hardware

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.04.08 AM

This will be one of the inspection chassis for the park

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