Week II

By , September 22, 2014
Sean Jurado

Monday afternoon Dan and I headed out to one of our machining partners to drop off some stuff. Tuesday afternoon is spent on even more upstops, before running out of parts to finish any more. Wednesday Dan’s on vacation, so I’m under Brian’s jurisdiction ’til he gets back. We spend the morning stuffing brochures for the¬†trade show next week. That afternoon, Clair gave me the project of updating our web-conferencing software, which takes until Friday at lunch to complete. Interspersed around that task I help Brian get some orders ready (while waiting for people to call me back and such). Friday afternoon I touch up the web conferencing stuff a little, round out another order, before heading back to the upstops, just without the missing parts

Week II Totals:

Upstops: 62

Orders: 3ish

Video Conference Clients installed/updated: 1

Computers Resurrected: 1

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