By , June 30, 2008
Evan Souliere

It’s been a while, but – at last – another update!

I was actually gone for the last two months, returning today from Boston where I got another couple of classes under my belt. To help out around the office, another intern, Scott, joined the crew and he’ll be sticking around for a little while longer. (We’ll get him posting on here soon, too.)

Clearly a lot happened while I was away, including the opening of our newest ride. There has been quite a buzz online about it, so it seems we’ve all done our job well.

Coming back today, I got right into working on some new and exciting things going on in the office. I’ll be around for another six months now (before returning to Boston to finish school), so hopefully I’ll get to post some fun happenings from Great Coasters.

On the side, I should also note that I’ve been working on a completely new website for Great Coasters, which I think Chris mentioned at Eastcoaster. Its launch date has yet to be determined, but stay tuned for that. I hope that everyone finds it to be an improvement from the current site (not to insult the current site; it’s just a bit outdated).

I hope everyone’s coaster season is going well.¬†Thanks for reading.

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