The End?

By , December 29, 2014
Sean Jurado

Well my internship was supposed to end last Tuesday… Surprise! I’m still here. My spring semester starts late, and things are really picking up around here, so I got an extension til mid-January. No complaints here.

Anyways, on to important things. Our chassis started coming in a few weeks ago, and Dan and I have been busy tackling them. We’ve got 12 cars with about half of the underside built up, and the rest coming today. It’s been really cool actually building the cars, because I’m getting to see what all the parts I’ve been gathering, building, and shipping out actually do, and where they go.

It’s also nice from and engineering side of things, because I’m asking Dan questions (practically every other part) about why things are shaped the way they are, what each flange or section is for, why so much seemingly extra material, stuff like that. The most common answers are strength, and fail-safes. In the unlikely event that a wheel is lost, that protrusion from the chassis will catch the track, or, to make the car extra stable, this section was beefed up to be extra strong. Obviously, I haven’t seen the math that goes into designing these things, but my intuition from looking at them and asking questions is that they’re plenty strong, and thus safe. When talking about how safe coasters are, I’ve heard it said that you’re more likely to get in an accident on the drive to the park, than on any of the rides in the park. Looking at everything here, I believe it with no hesitation.

That about wraps it up for now, we’ve got a lot of train building to get to, but I’ll be back here at least once more before I leave.

Oh, and we’ll have another intern up here starting next week, so look forward to him posting stuff soon after

Back to work!

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