As With All Things…

By , January 23, 2015
Sean Jurado

…this too must pass.

Sadly, it’s that time. Tomorrow’s my last day here at Great Coasters, so I figured I’d toss up one last blog post. I’ll leave the trains to Matt, since he’ll get to see them through to completion.

I’ve definitely learned a lot in my time here at GCII, about the trains and the structure of course, but also about the industry and business and running a company in general. I’ve spent a lot of time asking questions, but also a lot of time quietly listening and observing, and I can point to a lot of things I’ve learned from just that; more than I really have time to discuss here, and certainly more than I can consciously remember and articulate.

As an example:

A lot goes into a quality product. – You can have the best design in the world, but unless you back that up with quality materials and parts, attention to detail, and people who care, your product will turn out pretty terrible.  I saw a lot of the attention to detail in my time here. Each part has pretty exacting specifications, both for the quality of material and the exactness of the machining, so we often have had to go over each part to ensure it’s up to snuff (especially on the larger parts like the chassis).

That’s not everything of course, but so much of what I’ve learned are subtle things that aren’t easy to put into words, so one example will suffice.

I’d like to take this final opportunity to thank everyone at GCII for a fantastic internship. I’d specifically like to thank Dan for putting up with my (at times) incessant questions, everybody who was involved with FREDx for running and setting up that, and Clair as the head honcho for letting me intern here. This has been an amazing experience, and I ‘ll definitely miss my time at GCII. I do hope to see everyone here again (I’m planning on going to IAAPA next fall, but that’s not what I’m talking about).

Thanks again to everyone, I wouldn’t trade this internship for the world


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