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By , August 22, 2007
Evan Souliere

You can find the deleted scenes from “Build it Bigger” on this site. Once you’re on that page, you’ll want to “Pick a Clip” in the Web Extras Section. There, there’s a clip called “Pants Optional” (second one down), which is a lot of what was filmed in our office a few months ago (and was cut from the episode).


In other news, THIS WEEKEND is when Adam and I will be at ValleyFair. Drop us a line through this site if you’re going to be around.

By , July 3, 2007
Adam House

If you remember back in January, we reported that a camera crew from The Discovery Channel was at our shop.

The episode that was being filmed will be broadcast starting July 10. Here are the details:

“Build It Bigger
Episode 6

Danny Forster launches headlong into scream engineering — building, designing and riding some of the greatest roller coasters on the planet. Danny works with two construction teams who create every exacting detail to make the ride both scary and safe.”

Here are the known broadcast times:
July 10, 10:00 PM
July 11, 2:00 AM
July 12, 7:00 PM
July 14, 11:00 AM

Check it out and see what goes into creating roller coasters.

By , January 29, 2007
Adam House

Big News: The chassis are in and construction on the trains is now in full swing. We have already made a lot of progress on the chassis. We receive chassis upside down to make our lives easier during the assemble process. We have to do several things before they can be flipped and I can say that we have already made so much progress that the chassis that we do have will be flipped soon. As of right now though, the trains don’t really look like the GCI trains that everyone can recognize. There are many different things that must be added first before the seats and benches are added and people can recognize the trains.

The big story today at GCI was that we had the camera crew from Extreme Engineering come in and film some segments from their show. They came in to find out exactly how GCI trains are constructed and learn exactly how GCI builds roller coasters. Jeff Pike, GCI’s head engineer came into town for the occasion. He and Chris Gray spent the day showing the host different simulations on the computer and showing different stages in the train assembly process. Keep your eyes peeled in July for the show to air.

By , January 29, 2007
Evan Souliere

So it’s been a little while since posting, but that is mainly due in part to nothing to post about…

I believe I said that we would be getting upper chassis last Wednesday, which did happen. There were some issues, however, that delayed them from being useful until Friday. To make good use of the time during that delay (since we were literally out of parts to prepare for assembly), Mike and I went to one of our biggest vendors and helped out for a day. (Mike and Adam went the next day.) This vendor happens to be the one that makes our chassis (though our visit was unrelated), but they also do a lot of our other steel work. I’ve been there several times now (not all to work) and I find it fascinating to see our parts being made; it provides more perspective to the work we are doing.

With that said, the chassis were all set on Friday and we began mating the uppers and lowers (which we’ve had for a little while now). This was toward the end of the day, so we only did a little bit, but work continued on Saturday (I could not be there, unfortunately) with attaching the chain dog weldments, anti-rollback weldments, and other such parts found under each car.

Today was a pretty exciting day. Besides receiving guide wheel weldments (which gave us plenty to do), we also had a crew there from Extreme Engineering filming for a segment that they will be doing on Great Coasters. They got a lot of good footage, so I’m curious to see what makes the cut. If you’re at all interested in anything Adam and I write, I highly recommend watching that when it airs (we were told July tentatively, but I’m sure that’s nothing definite).

So what we did today (which may be caught on camera) was attach guide wheel weldments to the twelve cars we have laid out. We installed the guide wheels and upstop wheels, as well.We’re pretty close to being able to turn the cars over and start working upward.

I regret that we don’t have any photos of this stuff (yet) because it is pretty cool to see. I’ll hopefully get some up soon.

Things are starting to take off. I can tell it well get crazy, but I’m already having a lot more fun with the main assembly.

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