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By , April 13, 2010
Eamon Kelly

Hey guys,

So last week we just continued working on the trains, for the most part.  We put in lap bars, and installed the locking mechanism I talked about in the previous post.  It’s definitely exciting seeing some of the cars near completion.

Also, this past Saturday Chris and I ran down to HersheyPark for the day.  It was my first time to the park, and I had a blast!  Fahrenheit, Lightning Racer, Wildcat, Great Bear, and Storm Runner were all a lot of fun.  Sidewinder, however, was a little on the rough side…  The Mack Wild Mouse was definitely fun, but those flat turns at the top make the ride surprisingly scary!  I must admit that The SooperDooperLooper’s loop is one of the best vertical loops I’ve ever experienced.

See ya next week,

By , April 24, 2007
Adam House

This past weekend, Chris, Dan, and I got the chance to head down to HersheyPark. It was the first time since I had been down to test ride the Wildcat. It was a great chance to check out the entire park as well as get the reaction from riders on the new trains for the Wildcat. One of the greatest parts about visiting during operation was that I could see all of the happiness and comfort that all of our hard work had gone to on building the Wildcat trains. We heard such reactions as it is more re-ridable to it is now more enjoyable. It is awesome to see how all of our work goes to making people happy and making rides fun and enjoyable. I would like to extend a special thanks to HersheyPark for giving us the chance to visit and enjoy the park.

By , April 9, 2007
Evan Souliere

Last week was pretty crazy in and out of the shop. In the end, however, we have all of the Renegade cars to the same point, and as far as we can take them for now. All that remains are the banisters, which are at the painting stage. To get the cars to this point, however, took a lot of phone calls and running around last week. And with Chris out of the office for a couple days, it was crazier than normal for us interns.

I should also mention that the banisters for Wildcat were finished last week and delivered to Hershey. I’ve posted photos of those. They look great.

Also of interest: We have officially begun the Toverland cars. We’ve had 12 chassis in our possession for a couple weeks now (with 12 more coming next week) and, with a lot of moving around in the shop, we got them in and started working on them. More on that in the near future.

And finally, I went to Hersheypark this weekend, battling the 35-degree weather and snow flurries. I have never been to that park (except to test Wildcat) and the three rides I was hoping to get on were all closed: Wildcat, Lightning Racer, and Storm Runner. I was able to go up to Wildcat, however, and show off the trains to my family (as well as get the photos of the banister), but I’ll have to make it back in warmer weather. I did take my first ride on a coaster (Comet) in the snow, though.

By , March 22, 2007
Adam House

Well, as many of you may have already seen or heard, the Hershey Wildcat has successfully completed its curcuit and today Evan and I went to the park to help break in the new trains. The first train underwent testing Wednesday and early Thursday, while the second train was being tested late in the day on Thursday. In addition to recieving new trains, there are certain spots on the Wildcat that recieved retrack during the offseason. One part being the flat turn under the lift hill that flies past the front of the station.

With the new trains and new layers of lumber, these areas of the ride are very smooth. Even after 15 rides, I could definately tell that the ride was more enjoyable and had a higher re-ridership. I mean the fact that I could ride it 15 times in a row should say a lot. It is really amazing to look at the trains and ride them and say,”I built that.” It really gives a great sense of satisfation and lets you know that all the hard work and long days really paid off. More than anything it is amazing to think that something I built will bring millions of people thrills and happiness for years to come.

By , March 21, 2007
Evan Souliere

It’s been exciting in the shop lately. As you hopefully saw in the photos, the Wildcat trains were installed on Monday.

Renegade train construction has been going very well. We received 12 new chassis at the end of last week and have flipped three of them so far. The others are ready, but we’ve temporarily gone back to work on the previous 12 cars. We had been waiting on one part for those, which we received Friday, so those are looking good.

As they stand now, the first 12 cars of the Renegade trains just need the running boards and some detail work before we can call them done. The other 12, not having been flipped, need a bit more. Based on the time frame that it took to get the original 12 to where they are now, though, I don’t think it will be long until our photos show all 24 cars looking like actual cars.

Stay tuned for more on Wildcat and the Renegade trains.

By , March 13, 2007
Adam House

With the new week, there is a lot of action around the GCI office. We have a huge container coming to the office for pallets going to Toverland, the Wildcat trains will be shipped out this week, and assembly on the Valleyfair trains are in full swing. With more experience now, we have really been able to take off and knock out a lot of the assembly on the 12 Valleyfair cars that we do have. This week should end up being very productive with hopes of Wildcat trains set and ready to roll and all 24 Valleyfair cars in the shop and at the same stage of assembly. Stay turned for photos and progress reports along the way.

By , March 9, 2007
Evan Souliere

Since finishing the Wildcat trains, we’ve completely cleaned up, done inventory, and spent a great amount of time preparing some smaller assemblies for the remaining trains (mostly guide wheel weldments and lapbar mechanisms).

Yesterday, we received the first five chassis for the Renegade trains, with seven more expected today. We’ve already mated the upper and lower sections of each and have begun working on the underside of each.

With two trains under our belt, it already seems to be much easier to work on these trains. Adam and I have a much better understanding of what we are doing now and how it all needs to come together. That is not to say we didn’t know what we were doing before, but we were, understandably, supervised quite a bit.

By , March 5, 2007
Adam House

As Evan stated, the two Wildcat trains are finally finished. It is the most amazing feeling having these trains finished. It has taken a lot of work and there have been several stressful days, but seeing the finished product and where all our work has gone is quite amazing and rewarding. To stand back and look at something that you have built and assembled is really something spectacular. I found myself gazing at the finished trains and thinking,”These trains that I helped to construct will bring millions of people excitement and fun for several years to come.” That is quite a feeling.

By , March 5, 2007
Evan Souliere

The two Wildcat trains are officially done. The only thing missing is the banister on the two lead coaches, but those will be installed on site.

We wrapped up the construction of these trains beginning at the end of last week. We got our lead axle chassis in and quickly attached the guide wheel weldments, flipped the chassis, and mated the two with the lead coaches. Once we had those together, we installed road wheels, running boards, and other finishing details.

Simultaneously, we had to finish the lapbar mechanisms and inspections on the rest of the coaches, but we finished those today and received the covers, rendering those done.

It was quite the exciting day.

With two trains under our belt, we now have four more to go. For most of this week, we will simply be preparing for the arrival of our chassis when we can start the process all over again. Once that happens, be sure to follow as Renegade’s trains are built from the ground up.

By , February 27, 2007
Evan Souliere

With the exception of a couple parts (arriving tomorrow) that are essentially hidden from view, we have finished several cars! All of the cars we have are in different stages (though close together) based on parts that we need, so progress on each differs. Nevertheless, it looks like we’ll be able to finish these two trains in the next couple weeks and get them ready to ship.

Progress today included more lapbar locking mechanisms, running boards, and knee guards.

It’s really quite exciting. Check out the photos.

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