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A Typical Day at The Office

By , February 6, 2013
Nathan Rubin

These past three weeks at the Florence office have been three of the most entertaining weeks of my life. Alongside hours of hard work on some final touches for the Fun Spot steel fabrication drawings is an atmosphere filled with constant fun. Considering that we work in the amusement industry, this is only appropriate. Instead of focusing on the engineering work going on in the office, I really wanted to focus on what a day in the office is like.

Our office is host to three dogs. Gordo – Joe’s new dog, Abby – Evan’s dog, and Finley – Adam’s dog. I am normally greeted to the office by friendly banter between Abby and Gordo, along with the infamous “No Gordo!” which Evan has become an expert at yelling. However, this is not the thing that defines my morning. The absolute best greeting that anyone could ever want to receive is Jeff’s “How’s it going, Players?” followed immediately by “Where’s my coffee, intern?” The rest of the morning is filled by the occasional amusement industry jest or Joe experiencing the excellent restroom skills that puppies typically exhibit.


Gordo creating mischief around the office

Once lunch rolls around, we normally collaborate on where to eat. However, anytime the words “Skyline Chili” are uttered, the lunch venue is immediately set. For the record, Cincinnati chili is NOT real chili, but nonetheless, it is growing on me. Even Adam, who habitually abandons us to go work out at lunch, cannot refuse this Cincinnati delicacy.

We then arrive back at the office, stuffed full of pasta and oyster crackers that are better than those in Texas (as most everything is better in Texas except for that), and return to work. Last week, a past intern, David Stamper joined us for lunch and post-lunch festivities, which I have provided pictures from. It happened to be an exciting day, as we received miniature Millennium Flyer trains from Chris Gray at the Pennsylvania office. We then proceeded to place the FedEx envelopes that were packaged with these 3D prints on our heads, and take random pictures with a golden cup in the office.

Golden Cup!

The excitement that afternoon was not over yet; as a very large package arrived in the mail (as shown below). It was a Phish poster that Joe had ordered from his favorite concert ever. Seriously though, he showed us the video from it, and it was pretty awesome. Joe was so excited, that amidst the fun of unwrapping the package was a moment of panic where we thought he may or may not have broken his nose. This should give you an idea of how excited Joe was to open this package. Once the package was unwrapped, David Stamper returned to Louisville, and all was well again at GCII. We proceeded to continue vigorously working on the Fun Spot steel detailing until the exciting day came to a conclusion.

Phish Poster Unwrapping


^That dashed line above represents the point at where my sarcasm ends and I begin posting about what y’all want to actually hear. I promise my next blog entries will be more content related; however, I wanted to give you GCII fans an insight (even if dripping with sarcasm and hyperbole), into the fun that this industry really represents. At GCII, a lot of fun is had in the office, but at the same time, vast amounts of work are accomplished; moreso than I ever did working at any other engineering firm. The engineers at this firm are some of the brightest in the nation, and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work and interact with them. I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress at Fun Spot! White Lightning is shaping up to be one of GCII’s best

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