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By , September 22, 2008
Evan Souliere

Time for some more updates.

For starters, Adam, Joe, and I headed to Missouri last weekend for a trip that’s worth noting (at least briefly). We headed to Six Flags St. Louis on Friday for some official business on Evel Knievel, and ended up taking a couple rides (Adam and my first time on it!). What a ride! I’m proud to have worked on it.

Saturday morning, we took advantage of ACE’s Daredevil Daze ERT on Evel Knievel before making the trek to Branson for Silver Dollar City and Celebration City. A huge thank you goes to Gina and to the crew on the OzCat for putting up with us! The OzCat lived up to its hype; I quickly found my favorite seat as the front right. Because of the threat of weather, we were the only people on the ride for a good portion of the night, so we had a blast.

Saturday night, we made the drive back to St. Louis with the intention of finishing Six Flags on Sunday and then enjoying Holiday World on our way back to Kentucky. The weather had different plans and forced both parks to close. So I guess that’s two parks I need to revisit soon.

Meanwhile, on the work front, I posted some more photos from Germany a few days ago. Work is coming along great there! I know for folks in the US, it’s hard to get excited about Forellenhof’s new ride, but it will certainly be a ride (and a park) worth visiting. The ride’s surroundings alone make it fun to watch going up.

The better-hyped GCI coaster in the US right now, though, is Prowler, of course. Worlds of Fun posted some great photos of site preparation recently (which I’m sure is not news to most people), and I’ll certainly do the same as soon as I can. Concrete pouring is already beginning tomorrow, so we’re all happy about that. Having worked heavily (an understatement) on the foundation plans, I am particularly excited.

I guess that’s it for this year’s projects for now. Meanwhile, the new website is still coming along. I’ve set a launch date of November 1 that I fully intend for us to hit, so look out for that. I promise that you will be pleased with the upgrade. (Keep the photo submissions coming, too!

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone enjoys the Halloween season at all of the parks!

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