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By , August 22, 2007
Evan Souliere

You can find the deleted scenes from “Build it Bigger” on this site. Once you’re on that page, you’ll want to “Pick a Clip” in the Web Extras Section. There, there’s a clip called “Pants Optional” (second one down), which is a lot of what was filmed in our office a few months ago (and was cut from the episode).


In other news, THIS WEEKEND is when Adam and I will be at ValleyFair. Drop us a line through this site if you’re going to be around.

By , August 8, 2007
Adam House

Just a quick update for those of you who frequent the site. Evan and myself will be headed up to ValleyFair! from August 24th to the 26th. If you are in the area, keep an eye out for us and check back on the site for photos from our trip.

By , May 30, 2007
Evan Souliere

Well Troy’s trains are done and we have posted the photos to prove it (finally!). The photos are about a week old, in fact.

Since finishing, I’ve been doing other “exciting” things in the shop like cleaning up the mess we made while constructing six trains and taking inventory on all new and old revisions of our train parts. Mike and I have also been sorting through all of the material that has just returned from Valleyfair, as well as sending off things to Toverland. Since my work is now the lowest priority of anyone in the office, I was also the default person to drive to Newark the other day to see Clair off to the Netherlands.

In other words, my work better resembles that of an “intern” now that the trains are done I am not complaining, though. I still love the environment and am happy to have the chance to be there.

By , May 6, 2007
Evan Souliere

Just a quick update on what’s going on.

If you frequent the coaster forums, you should find that Renegade has, indeed, begun testing. It made its first successful run on Saturday, May 5, just before 5:00 local time. It continued testing that day, including some with its first riders. As long as Chris and Jeff are on site, we will continue to post updates with that testing.

As far as Troy is concerned, it is just two of us working in the shop for now, but we’re making a lot of progress. Early last week, we had installed lapbars on eight of the 24 cars and spent the remainder of the week preparing the others for lapbars. As of Friday afternoon, the other 16 cars are all set to begin receiving lapbars, which will begin on Monday.

It goes without saying that since we are this point, the seatsides and seatbacks are all installed on the cars. It has been made public online what the design for these will look like, but, unfortunately, we have to refrain from posting photos of the design until we are explicitly told we can do so. Because of its elaborate theming, we want to make certain that we do not ruin any of the park’s plans for the ride. With that said, if/when we do get permission, you can be sure we’ll post photos.

By , May 2, 2007
Adam House

“And so, every good thing comes to an end.”

Today was my last day for the semester at Great Coasters International. I must say that this really has been one of the fastest and most exciting times of my life. I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge about roller coasters as well as met some funny and interesting people. It is really amazing to see how much work and how many parts go into creating a roller coaster and in particular, the roller coaster trains. You really can’t get an idea until you are the one putting things together and getting dirty. There were some days that seemed long and tough, but at the end of the day you can sit back, look at the finished product and say, “This is going to make thousands of people happy.” What an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Chris Gray, Jeff Pike, and everyone at Great Coasters International for giving me the opportunity to come in and not only help them, but also learn along the way.

Thanks to the enthusiasts for keeping up with the site and I look forward to seeing you at the parks. Please keep visiting the site, Evan will still be around for photos and updates as they happen.

And now on to an update on the rides. Chris has recently left to go to Valleyfair and you know what that means, the trains will soon be on the ride and testing will be under way. As for the Troy trains, assembly is in full swing. The trains are really beginning to take shape with seat backs and sides being added as well as the upholstered parts. The lapbars and lapbar locking mechanisms are also being installed. Keep following with the site to see the latest photos from the shop.

By , April 19, 2007
Evan Souliere

Busy day today, but we got a lot done.

When we arrived at the office at 8:00, our first truck (well, container for overseas shipment) of the day was waiting for us. Its contents are materials for Troy’s construction that we had assembled and prepared to be packed. A combination of some last minute changes and loading 14-foot stacks of lumber length-wise into the container made this one a challenge, but we finished by 10:30.

Within minutes after that truck left, another backed into our yard. The contents of this truck are the 12 cars that make up Renegade’s first train. We got them in one after another, secured them well to the trailer, and sent that one on its way to Valleyfair. It was pretty exciting to see these cars off. Much like getting Wildcat on the road, it represents a sort of finality in getting the cars done. As Adam has mentioned before, it is awesome to think about what this train will be doing within a matter of weeks. And that from that point, it will be bringing so much enjoyment to a huge amount of people.

But anyway, after that sigh of relief, we took a short lunch break around 1:30.

After having some time to prepare for the final shipment of the day – Renegade’s second train – the last truck arrived around 3:00. Having plenty of practice by this time, we loaded it with ease and sent that truck on its way around 5:00. Renegade had officially left our shop.

As for the other happenings in our office, Troy has been progressing. We are expecting the remaining 12 chassis on Monday and will be catching those up with the 12 we have now. I think I can speak for both Adam and I when I say that we are really comfortable working with the trains now. Quite unlike in the beginning, we work somewhat autonomously, knowing exactly what needs to be done and when to do it. Chris will certainly join us when we need help and always checks our work, but it’s nice to not have to bug him all the time. I’m sure he likes it, too!

Thanks for checking in with us. Troy will be taking center stage now and should be a lot of fun.

By , April 9, 2007
Evan Souliere

Last week was pretty crazy in and out of the shop. In the end, however, we have all of the Renegade cars to the same point, and as far as we can take them for now. All that remains are the banisters, which are at the painting stage. To get the cars to this point, however, took a lot of phone calls and running around last week. And with Chris out of the office for a couple days, it was crazier than normal for us interns.

I should also mention that the banisters for Wildcat were finished last week and delivered to Hershey. I’ve posted photos of those. They look great.

Also of interest: We have officially begun the Toverland cars. We’ve had 12 chassis in our possession for a couple weeks now (with 12 more coming next week) and, with a lot of moving around in the shop, we got them in and started working on them. More on that in the near future.

And finally, I went to Hersheypark this weekend, battling the 35-degree weather and snow flurries. I have never been to that park (except to test Wildcat) and the three rides I was hoping to get on were all closed: Wildcat, Lightning Racer, and Storm Runner. I was able to go up to Wildcat, however, and show off the trains to my family (as well as get the photos of the banister), but I’ll have to make it back in warmer weather. I did take my first ride on a coaster (Comet) in the snow, though.

By , March 29, 2007
Evan Souliere

I posted some photos today of the two Renegade trains labeled “almost done” without realizing that they’re the first photos posted where they actually look like trains.

With that said, I hope you agree with us in thinking that the color scheme and overall design is really cool. The bronze-ish color is actually a metallic finish, so it will look awesome in the sun.

Work has been going generally very well. We received the two lead axles today and already have one mated with its lead coach. That in itself is really amazing, since the lead axles require a lot of work done before we can even think of connecting it, plus the time it takes to put the two together is dramatically less than it used to be.

Adam has been working hard on the running boards and has more than one train done with those (the blue train). Those cars also have the knee guards and can be considered done, except for the nerf bars and trim.

We should be done with these two trains by next Friday at the latest and can get started on the first twelve Troy chassis that are already being stored in our shop!

By , March 21, 2007
Evan Souliere

It’s been exciting in the shop lately. As you hopefully saw in the photos, the Wildcat trains were installed on Monday.

Renegade train construction has been going very well. We received 12 new chassis at the end of last week and have flipped three of them so far. The others are ready, but we’ve temporarily gone back to work on the previous 12 cars. We had been waiting on one part for those, which we received Friday, so those are looking good.

As they stand now, the first 12 cars of the Renegade trains just need the running boards and some detail work before we can call them done. The other 12, not having been flipped, need a bit more. Based on the time frame that it took to get the original 12 to where they are now, though, I don’t think it will be long until our photos show all 24 cars looking like actual cars.

Stay tuned for more on Wildcat and the Renegade trains.

By , March 13, 2007
Adam House

With the new week, there is a lot of action around the GCI office. We have a huge container coming to the office for pallets going to Toverland, the Wildcat trains will be shipped out this week, and assembly on the Valleyfair trains are in full swing. With more experience now, we have really been able to take off and knock out a lot of the assembly on the 12 Valleyfair cars that we do have. This week should end up being very productive with hopes of Wildcat trains set and ready to roll and all 24 Valleyfair cars in the shop and at the same stage of assembly. Stay turned for photos and progress reports along the way.

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